Features Available
On Your New HOA Website

Learn about the specific features your new HOA website includes.

Core Features Included

These features are key to an effective HOA website and therefore are automatically included no matter what plan you’re on:

Protected Logins for Members

Ensure member-only access with secure login credentials, safeguarding your community’s private information and discussions.

Secure Document Library

A centralized, secure repository for important HOA documents like meeting minutes, financial reports, and board documents.

Simple Administration

Authorized representatives can quickly and effortlessly upload essential documents, manage accounts, and more.

Owners Directory

Maintain an up-to-date directory of homeowners, fostering better connection and communication within the community.

Mobile Friendly

A responsive design that looks great and functions seamlessly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones and tablets.

Ongoing Support

Comprehensive support included, assisting administrators with any task from password resets to document management.

Deluxe Features

These features help advance your HOA’s online presence to the next level and are included in our Deluxe and Custom tiers. (All Core features also included for Deluxe and Custom clients).

Group Based Access

Customize visibility of content based on member roles, ensuring that everyone sees only what’s relevant to them.

Events Calendar

Keep everyone informed with an easily manageable calendar, highlighting upcoming meetings, social events, and important dates.

Email Database

Effortlessly send newsletters and updates to your members directly through the website, enhancing community engagement.

Invoices and Payments

Simplify dues collection with integrated invoicing and payment features, making financial management hassle-free.

Amenity Reservations

Allow members and visitors to reserve time slots for amenities. Digitally manage and reserve slots for tennis courts, saunas, board rooms, and more.

Online Voting

When topics that require the input of your community arise, add a digital form to the website where members can vote inside your HOA portal.

Violation Management

Coming Soon

Assign and track violations to specific members. This feature will also allow you to charge a fee that the member can pay via their dashboard page.

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