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We’re proudly based in Niceville, FL with a team spanning numerous time zones. Our clients are all around the world in a variety of industries.

Our speciality is in helping businesses like yours create a powerful web presence that drives new leads and customers.

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Our offerings are designed to eliminate hassle and take the guess work out of your company website. We focus on building you a site that drives new leads to your business on a regular basis.

We know how frustrating DIY solutions can be, which is the same reason we call experts like yourself for anything that isn’t website design.

Let us help you stand out online with a professional, fast, and effective website.

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Meet The Owner

Jonathan Jernigan

I started APEX Web Solutions after going to school for computer engineering. Websites and online marketing have always been of interest since early high school. I created small blogs out of some of my interests that generated ad revenue and the fire has been lit ever since.

Eventually, I started building sites for friends and local businesses and that blossomed into APEX Web Solutions. The company has seen numerous iterations over the years, but we now serve clients like yourself all around the US and Europe, helping drive new leads and customers.

The name APEX Web Solutions comes from my passion for Formula 1 racing. I’ve been a huge fan for 10+ years now, so when naming the company I decided I wanted it to be something meaningful to me. The apex is the mid-point of a corner, where you’re no longer turning in and you’re now exiting.

So for our company, APEX means your digital turning point.

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