Get Your Website Up-To-Speed

In need of a new website but unsure if it is worth the spend? What value does a website bring to your business? What does a website need to perform well? These are questions we frequently hear from business owners and here is what you need to know. All websites need to include three elements, speed, great content, and quality design no matter the cost. 


Visitors are unlikely to wait for more than an average of 2 seconds when they first come to your website. Part of the reason this is so important is because the likelihood of your customer leaving your site and not returning due to a slow loading speed is extremely high. A visitor to your site is coming to get a specific piece of information and if they don’t get it quickly, they will go somewhere else. 

Trust us when we say, speed is the key. This is also backed up by Google’s recommendation that your site load a usable page in no more than 2 seconds. We are equipped with experts that know the value of speed with the skillset to make your site as fast as possible. 

"For every extra second it takes your site to load, conversions drop by 5%. This means fewer phone calls, signups, payments, etc.
Speed has a massive impact not only for your Google rankings, but perhaps more importantly for your business bottom line. "
- Jonathan Jernigan, Team Principal

Great Content

Well-written, concise copy, clearly illustrates to customers what you offer and what your company is all about. Great content gets visitors to engage on your site and provides a call to action for your business. With each website page laid out in a way that is intuitive for your visitors to navigate, is great content that keeps the visitor engaged. As we build content for your website, we strategically create high-end content that performs well for SEO (search engine optimization). Our team knows, SEO and great content go hand in hand to make a website unparalleled to your competitors (not to mention at the top of Google). 

Quality Design 

Quality design impacts your business in a big way. Like most things in life, you get one chance to make a great first impression. The design of your website is the first element a visitor will notice about your company. Does the design provide cohesion to your brand? Is the design functionality where it needs to be to perform well? These are the questions we provide solutions for every single day. Our team specializes in WordPress, which allows us to customize your website to best suit your business needs. Expect quality layouts, smooth updates, and flexible features that simply work. 

All of our website packages prioritize these three components. If your company needs a new or updated website, book a call with us to discover how we can help you!